We Choose Monitronics When Monitoring Your Home or Business!


At Great Western Security, we are committed to providing our customers in Kent, WA with the most dependable security systems. That is why we choose Monitronics for alarm monitoring in Kent homes and businesses.

All our security systems use Monitronics monitoring to give Kent residents top-notch security that blends the latest technology with rich experience and exceptional service.

Monitronics is one of the largest and most reputable security companies in the country.

With Monitronics monitoring your Kent property, you get complete peace of mind that comes from the knowledge that your security monitoring service provider has:

  • Five-Diamond Certification from the Central Station Alarm Association
  • Rigorously trained, CSAA-certified operators
  • Five-time Alarm Monitoring Company of the Year award from Frost & Sullivan

You depend on our security alarm systems for the safety of your property, loved ones and valuable belongings. We honor your trust by choosing Monitronics for monitoring your Kent home or business.

There Is No Sense In Having an Alarm Without Premium Alarm Monitoring


Without the support of efficient alarm monitoring, the security alarm in your Kent property is just a noisy device. An emergency may happen when nobody is present in your home or commercial building. What use would be your alarm system if it is not backed by professional security monitoring service like that of Monitronics?

Our Monitronics alarm monitoring for your Kent property is also a big advantage in crisis situations, where you might be present on the premises but unable to call for help.

Thus, security monitoring ensures:

  • 24/7 protection of your Kent home or business
  • Timely and appropriate response to disastrous events in the property
  • Optimal benefit from your investment in alarm installation

With premium alarm monitoring from Monitronics, Kent residents can breathe easy, knowing that emergencies on their property will be responded to immediately.

Why Choose Great Western Security For Your Security Monitoring Needs?


All property owners want the best-in-class security monitoring for their Kent home or business. They get that when we install their security alarm systems.

Choosing us means getting your security monitoring needs in Kent met with the award-winning service offered by Monitronics.

As our customer, you will enjoy superior security monitoring services for your Kent property because Monitronics:

  • Ensures a high level of proficiency in its operators
  • Is equipped to handle any emergency with fast response
  • Offers a lifetime service guarantee
  • Has an outstanding service record

To know more about Monitronics alarm monitoring for your Kent home or business, call Great Western Security at 1-888-227-1304.